Priscilla Benita Marline

Project Manager – TNUSSP
Post Graduation in Environmental Science

Priscilla has 15 years of experience working in India and Brunei Darussalam as an Environmental Scientist, Trainer, Planner and Waste Management Consultant. A former employee of Centre for Environment Education (CEE-Coimbatore), Priscilla has experience in various fields such as Environmental Education, Municipal Solid Waste Management, Biomedical Waste Management, Urban Planning, Total Sanitation and Water Conservation.

At Keystone Foundation, Priscilla is working with the TNUSSP team on the baseline study of urban sanitation in two town panchayats of Coimbatore district. At the end of this baseline study, the team and the project partners hope to develop a detailed project plan to address issues in the fields of governance, technological innovations and behavioural change, amongst others.