Laws, Rules and Guidelines

Septage Management Guidelines

The Govt. of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) has prioritised the full sanitation chain, including the strengthening of septage management as an economical and sustainable complement to network-based systems. Towards this end, the Government of Tamil Nadu issued the Septage Management Operative Guidelines in September 2014, thereby becoming the first state in the country to do so.

These Operative Guidelines broadly outline seven areas of action.

  • Design & Construction of Septic Tanks
  • Septic Tank Pumping & De-Sludging
  • Septage Transportation
  • Treatment & Septage Disposal
  • Fees/Charges for Collection, Transportation & Treatment
  • Information Education & Communication
  • Record Keeping & Reporting (MIS)

Municipal Building Rules: Suggested Changes

In order to effect improvements across the sanitation value chain, an assessment was undertaken of the existing practices with respect to on-site containment structures. While already existing on-site structures need to be surveyed to ensure compliance with sanitary requirements, and enforcement in this regard has been taken up by ULBs in Tamil Nadu, another intervention identified was improvements to the existing procedures for receiving and approving building proposals. This note summarises the review and the ensuing recommendations (this is under the consideration of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu).